Welcome to Saurabh Pet’s Mart & Saurabh Dog Kennel

  • As you guys are already aware of the fact that Established in 2012, your very own Saurabh dog kennel and Saurabh pets mart, is the strongest pet retailer organisation and answer to the A to Z needs of your pet throughout there life.

  • At Saurabh dog kennel we cherish the bond between the pet and owner because pets individually are a medicine in our lives. They are not just a pet they are family.

  • We the family of SDK and SPM works 24*7 to give happiness and we offer the best coordination between the client and services.

  • We have already built-up market in the name of ‘Saurabh Dog Kennel’ and with immense success and opportunities, further we have opened new branch as ‘Saurabh Pet’s Mart’ near Sankatmochan , Varanasi.

About Saurabh Pet’s Mart

  • All breeds available with papers and certificate with 100% lifetime breed guarantee. We have breeds like Pom, German Shepherd, Labrador, Pug, Doberman, All variety of Mastiffs, St. Bernard, Bully etc.

  • So basically, we deal in all breeds whatsoever is not mentioned above. We facilitate services like dog training centre, pet hostel, dog mating/studd service/cross, dog foods and accessories with full medication and treatment service.

  • We have specialised veterinarians available at our showroom and complex in both the branches. We deal with quality breeds and quality products. We respect your emotions as well, customer satisfaction is our major goal.

Feel free to get in touch at mailto:info@saurabhpetsmart.com for any queries and support.